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Hi, everybody!
In looking for a place in the US to visit, we also looked close to home, at Mesa Verde park in Colorado. This is a place that has houses built into the cliffs by Indians many hundreds of years ago. Some of them are several stories tall. It's a neat place to visit, too!
Love, Magic

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Beanie Riddle!

See if you can answer the riddle below. We will post a new riddle about twice a month.Please note that this riddle is for FUN--NOT a free beanie!

I've just been born, as you can see;
All you must do is look at me.
I carry with me half my room
But don't think I can leave it soon.
Who am I?

Here is the last riddle and answer:

Though bird and bear
We are a pair
Because of whom we're named after.
Who are we?
Answer= Mac and Sammy (after McGwire and Sammy Sosa who hit tons of homeruns one year)

Good job, everybody!

Please note that guessing the riddle does not get you a free beanie. To win a free beanie, we ask you to click on the icons to vote for our site and then sign the guestbook. The beanie riddle has nothing to do with the free beanie giveaway. Someone will be chosen at random from those who sign the guestbook to get a free beanie. Please email me if you have any questions about the contests. Have fun!

Beanie Spotlight

We'll choose a new beanie to spotlight every once in a while, or give some general information about all beanies that you might not know.

Peanut the elephant was originally made in royal blue and was one of the first beanie babies made. When the royal blue was retired, a light blue Peanut was introduced. The royal blue Peanut was the most expensive and most sought after beanie for quite some time, now replaced by others like the Billionaire Bear, but still pretty popular, even in the light blue color.

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Every once in a while, we will give away a FREE BEANIE to someone who has clicked on the links below and then signed the guestbook. (Use your back button to return after you click on each picture; notice you have to click on another button after the window for the beanie top 100 opens up to actually vote for our site.) You can enter as many times as you want. Adults may sign the guestbook, too, but only kids will be eligible for the free beanie. (Adults, click on the banner link below to find out how to sign up for the adult giveaway.) Please note this may be a current or retired Ty Beanie Baby or Buddy, or a sports bean toy from Limited Treasures, Bammers, or the like.

Note: This one you can only vote on once.
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Other Things To Do

Here is a list of some other games to play or other things to do on the internet:

Anytime Greetings

  • Here's a puzzle for you
  • Check out the beanie news
  • Check out the Beanie birthdays page
  • Play Starbase
  • Play Hangman with Beanie names NOTE: I can't seem to get the pictures to work, but at least you can play!
  • Make a beanie card to send to someone
  • Play Hide-and-Seek with me! Find me, Batty and Derby.
  • Chat with other beanie lovers here (Now part of a big chat room, so you can probably always find someone there)
  • Win a FREE Furby
  • Other beanie pictures and animated graphics
  • Cool Card Trick
  • Play Squish the Fly, gross, but fun
  • Click on the picture you like, print it out, and color it:
  • Play Simple Simon--it's harder than you think!
  • Check our Beanie Price Guide to see how much your beanie collection is worth
  • I've found a fun Beanie game page by Ty!
  • Take a look at the awards I've won for these pages

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